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THIS FELLA is different.  Not lonely different or creepy different...  just not what you'd expect. 

Iliff (pronounced :: eye-lif) was born and raised in Kansas, danced ballet and played violin for 15 years, joined the Army, went to film school, went to Afghanistan, moved all over the place and finally landed in Los Angeles...  a stranger in a strange land.  

He's got some wacky ideas about all sorts of things, but to him it makes sense.  It certainly seems to fuel his creativity, ambition, and lust for life.

He'd say, "It's been an interesting journey."


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In Development

"I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel", the famous futurist Jules Verne penned in 1874.  There have been numerous inventors who've discovered this during the course of last century.  Their inventions were silenced, but their stories could not be.

Two of these brilliant men were Stanley Meyer and Denny Klein who were both murdered to keep their water-powered internal combustion engines kits from coming to the market.  There is a remarkable amount of information on both these men.

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In Development

Technological Suppression.  This topic is one of the most important in the world.  Why are we being held back from the future we all dream of?  In the early 80s, a young inventor named Tom Ogle wondered the same thing.  But he did something about it.  He changed how gasoline fuel was delivered to the internal combustion engine on his Ford Galaxy 500.  It got 100 miles to the gallon.  He was offered millions, but he wouldn't sell.  He died mysteriously a short time later. Only the legend remains.

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